Excited Winners at International Championship

Germany takes the title International Champion back once again and wins over France and Italy

At the International Championship Germany does the unbelievable again: Jörg Klößinger, Uwe Holstein and Anton Stuckert win, followed by France and Italy.

The best forklift drivers from 18 nations, in teams of three, had already started on Thursday afternoon, highly motivated into the preliminary rounds for the 10. International Championship. France ended the day as the best team, with a time of 3:05 minutes, being only one split second before the follow up team from Russia. Anton Stuckert, Jörg Klößinger and Uwe Holstein, who are the three best drivers from Germany, had started the competition with rang four but increased their performance from task to task on Friday. In three nerve wrecking semi finals, in which hoops, positioned on the fork, had to be carried over obstacles and put down on an socket, Germany, France and Italy qualified for the final. In the final itself the classic task of stacking a tower had to be accomplished. For quite some time the teams went head to head, until close to the end the tower of the German team started to shake dangerously. Klößinger, whose job it was to complete the last part of the task, managed to keep his calm though and put the high tower of synthetic pieces in his full height into the final position. Thus Germany won the International Championship for the 6th time since 2007. Jörg Klößinger summed up the convincing achievement of his team: “We were aware, that all the teams were working close, so we had to play it full risk.”


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