Excited Winners at International Championship

Germany takes the title International Champion back once again and wins over France and Italy
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18 Nations Competing for the Title

France leads field after first preliminary round - Olympic Biathlete Champion Kati Wilhelm raises funds for StaplerCup hilft e.V.
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ForkliftCup International Championship celebrates ten years

12th ForkliftCup Championship / StaplerCup from September 15 to 17 on the Aschaffenburg Schlossplatz – teams from 18 nations taking part in this international anniversary championship – 15,000 spectators expected at the weekend event
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8. Hungarian StaplerCup in Dunaharaszti

139 forklift truck drivers competed in Hungary. Attila Geleta, Csaba Nagy and János Simon won the championship.
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Jimmy Vleminx from Maasmechelen wins LindeCup in Belgium

Raining vicechampion of WorldChampionship in Forklift Driving repeats success at Belgian ForkliftCup in Antwerp. Quentin Servais finishes second, Berry Peerlings ranks third
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Chile Crowns Champions

Eduardo Sáez (Isola Maquinaria), Marcelo Godoy (Frunar) and Germán Muñoz (Depocargo) have qualified to represent the country at the International Championship in Germany in September
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Nelson Vergara Wins First Regional Heat in Chile

40 forklift drivers to compeat in Puerto Montt, South of Chile.
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Russia: Qualifying Stage in Saint Petersburg Has Opened New Season

15 forklift operators to compete in Saint Petersburg. Nikolay Boitsov (Roslogistics) takes first place, Oleg Antoshkin (Petrovich Construction Materials Trade House) finishes 2nd, and Alexey Drozdov (Roslogistics) wins bronze medal
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ForkliftCup 2016 is on the Starting Blocks

The ForkliftCup starts in it's next season: On April 7, 2016, Russia will hold it's first qualification round in the city of St. Petersburg followed by a first heat in Puerto Montt, Chile, on April 8.
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ForkliftCup 2015: Spain wins 7th International Championship

Spain finishes first at ForkliftCup in Aschaffenburg, Chile wins second, Germany third place. Drivers from 19 nations took part in international competition in forklift truck driving
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