In 2005 the sporting event ‘StaplerCup’ came to live. Important key issue was the imparting of safety instructions to prevent an increasing number of work accidents with forklift trucks. But also should forklift drivers, who usually rarely work in public, get a chance to demonstrate their awesome skills and therefore gain respect and admiration.

In Germany the StaplerCup comprises 25 regional heats. More than 21,000 forklift drivers have taken part alone since the start in 2005. Some 15,000 spectators watch the final every year. Participants and audience are entertained with a varied framework programme.

In other countries, national qualifying ForkliftCup competitions are held. For nine years now, forklift drivers from more than twenty countries have been coming to Aschaffenburg, where the so called International Championship, an international team competition, is held. In 2014, at the first official World Championship, not only the best international team but also the best single forklift truck driver of the world have been crowned. Until today, each year the final of the International Championship takes place in Germany; in the rhythm of three years the World Championships are planned to be hold in alternate places.

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