StaplerCup Night - free and in the open air

Festival atmosphere at StaplerCup-Night

For some years now, the Forklift Cup organizers have scheduled from the very first day a special highlight for everyone involved and up to 6,000 music fans: a free open air concert on the Aschaffenburg Schlossplatz. Hits from earlier events included stars like the Spider Murphy Gang and Münchener Freiheit, yet also local artists got the crowd going on the Aschaffenburg Schlossplatz. These were, for instance, the 1970s and 1980s disco band Hot Stuff with their ABBA and AC/DC performances, thrilling both young and old alike. In 2014, Austrian pop star Christina Stürmer enthused fans and competitors, as well as Aschaffenburg's Houzeband, featuring Best of Voice of Germany singers Laura Martin, Rüdiger Skoczowsky and Katja Friedenberg.

In the run-up to the StaplerCup-Night, every year three winners of the TalentsContest hosted by the association StaplerCup hilft e. V. are premiering on a major stage. This non-profit association has been hosting contests since 2010 for talented young musicians and entertainers in the region. 

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