Course of events


September 15, 2016:    

04.30 pm Start ForkliftCup 2016 with preliminary round I International Championship
6.45 pm VIP guest biathlete Kati Wilhelm
08.00 pm StaplerCup Night with Germein SistersThe Hoods and Linde Funky Souls


September 16, 2016:     

10.45 am preliminary rounds I + II Logistic Championship
03.45 pm Finals Logistic Championship

04.15 pm preliminary round II International Championship 
07.30 pm Finals International Championship

05.15 Official Opening Forklift Cup 2016 with minister of state Prof. Dr. W. Bausback and Andreas Krinninger, LMH

07.45 pm award ceremony Logistic Championship and International Championship

September 17, 2016:

10.00 am German ForkliftCup - preliminary rounds I + II
12.15 am German ForkliftCup women's only - preliminary rounds I + II
01.15 pm preliminary round III both championships 

03.00 pm PromiCup with VIP guests

04.00 pm quarter finals + semi finals German ForkliftCup

06.15 pm finals German ForkliftCup women's only
07.00 Uhr finals German ForkliftCup

07.30 pm award ceremony German ForkliftCup women's only and German ForkliftCup

08.15 pm Night of Champions with Linde Funky Souls + Blow, 




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